Prostitution in Indonesia

The following report details adult travel in Indonesia.  It includes information about prostitutes in Bali and many other places.   This report was originally submitted to World Sex Archives.   If you would like to see all the pictures included with the report, please visit World Sex Archives.

Took off from LAX on Thursday morning August 2, 2001 at about 1:00 AM via China Airlines to Taipei and then on to Bali, Indonesia, $2,500 US (with a detour to Thailand on the way back, otherwise probably about $2,200).

Buy some Rupiah in the airport before you leave this will save you time later. Exchange rate was about 9,000 Rups to the US dollar. I got about $80 worth, all they had. This is enough to buy my final destination ticket for Lombok after I arrive in Bali. Later once you have made it to your final destination it will be easy to exchange money. Of course they like the $100 dollar bills, so bring plenty. $100 = 900,000 RP this should last you about 2 days pocket money, food, beers, snorkeling, handy crafts, and limiting yourself to two girls a day. Put the hotel room on your Visa or MasterCard etc.

Be careful not to exceed 20 kilos and probably only one bag for this trip, you are not in America anymore.

Finally arrive in Bali at about 1:00 PM Saturday afternoon. The flight is about 24 hours though you cross the International Date Line and loose a day. I go down to customs with my entry form and there are a million people, customs takes about an hour and there is no air conditioning in this room full of people. Then out to the baggage claim area and all the bags are stacked against the wall because customs took a long time. No problem getting through baggage claim once I find my bag. As I exit the International Terminal in Bali I head to the right and all the way around the building to the Domestic Terminal, dodging all the porters and taxi/transport guys. It is now about 2:15 PM and I can hear the announcements for the next flight to Lombok is now boarding. I quickly get to the Merpati Airline ticket office, about RP250,000, and get stuck behind some other tourists wanting to get to Bima Sumbawa but they don’t speak enough english to communicate with the ticket counter girl. Most airline and hotel people in Indonesia speak good english, but few will speak Spanish, German, Italian or anything else. I get my ticket to Lombok, 20-minute flight from Bali, but I have to wait for the 4:00 PM flight. Ok no problems relax and have a cold drink after I check in, must check in first. This is when it becomes important to only have 20 kilos of check in baggage and a small carry on. The flight to Lombok is a small aircraft and they don’t care that you just arrived from America and are continuing your trip, they will charge you for anything over 20 kilos, something like US$8 per kilo extra, expensive. If you arrive in Bali in the evening you will have to wait until the next day to travel to Lombok, flights are only during the day and start about 8:00 am. Last flight is about 5:30 PM.

During the entire flight I was surrounded by beautiful flight attendants and other oriental girl passengers etc, now I remember why I love Asia. They are all so beautiful and so sweet, very feminine and beautiful. Did I say beautiful? They are all sooooooo beautiful, I love Asia!

In Lombok get your bag and head out to the airport taxi stand, immediately on your right. RP20,000 and the airport taxi will take you direct to your hotel. I didn’t have a reservation but have been there before so I ask to go to the Graha Senggigi Hotel in the Senggigi Beach area. The hotel is very nice and has a great swimming pool, cost was RP300,000 per night peak season, includes breakfast. As I am shown the room I ask the Bellman if it is ok to bring girls to my room, he says of course that is why I have come to Lombok. There was no extra charge or any questions asked whenever a girl came to my room. A couple of times it was almost too open as I had girls stacked up outside my room and some of them didn’t like the fact I was being a butterfly and fucking several girls. Security at the hotel is very good, though they will let the girls enter who know your name and room number. If other people are looking for you they will be asked to wait and you will get a phone call to ask permission first.


There are several really cheap backpacker hotels in Senggigi as well. Some are less than RP100,000 per night and as low as RP25,000 per night. Expect not to have a TV, phone, or any hot water in your shower for that price. Also no swimming pools, restaurants or cold beer. The cheap places don’t have website and no reservations are needed, just show up you will find something, no worries.

Finding Girls:

RP200,000 is plenty for short time or whatever you can get away with. RP500,000 for the night, but make this at least 8 hours or more even 24 hours for that price. Short time is usually two hours. Many of these girls won’t talk money; they will take whatever you give them when it is time to go. Many of these girls will take it anal without a word of complaint. RP 100,000 straight fuck no bj or anal. RP150,000 if the service is just ok. Girls almost never mention condoms, bring your own or buy them at the Apotik (drug store). I usually just go for the short time, I don’t sleep well with someone in my room, and afraid I will get cleaned out while I sleep.

There are girls everywhere; most are good girls though. For the working girls you need to ask the bellman or the tour guys in the street will be glad to help you find a girl and of course the taxi drivers are an excellent source for girls. I use the bellman and the taxi drivers. I have tried the tour guys and most of them don’t really know anyone they just try to make a connection for you and thus they are simply more middlemen that will be included in your final bill. Do not pay anyone for gas or transportation if they are going to get you a girl, they will get a commission from the girl later and that is plenty of money for their time. Usually the tour guys have some long story about how they need to go to some distant village and find a girl etc, this is crap and they will expect you pay them same as if they actually took you for a tour, with or without a girl. Chances are when you get to this village the girl is not home, they apologize but still want you to pay for the transport back and forth. I have had a couple good experiences but usually a total waste of time and the price is usually triple the normal price.

Another good source is the other local men who just hang around. These guys are out of work or whatever and may know someone, everyone has a friend. Usually the quiet ones are the best. The ones who chase you and wave to you from across the street are usually full of shit. They will waste your time or simply take you to a Complex (brothel). Any taxi driver can do this for you without this extra middleman.

Taxi drivers know everybody. There are girls living in small apartments near the Senggigi area and many girls, freelancers, living in Mataram who will be glad to come to Senggigi for the day. These girls almost always use the taxis and the drivers know whom they are and where to find them.

Saturday 8-04-01: Arrive at my hotel about 5:00 PM check in and ask the bellman if he has a friend for massage. I am tired and need a shower and nice massage to relax. Within 20 minutes a little girl is at my door, 18 and a nice little hard body, not very pretty in the face but who cares. I am in my towel and lay down for a pretty good massage (pijat). As she rubs my back I say to her buka (open) and point to her shirt. She stands up and undresses no hesitation what so ever. Time to rollover, I can barely stay awake I am so tired. I begin the usual touching and fingering and she strokes my cock and off we go, wide awake now. I finger her ass and pussy at the same time, two fingers in each hole with the thumb rubbing her clit. She loves it and I roll her legs up for some serious pounding, slipping back and forth from her ass and her pussy, no problem. As I am ready to explode I move up and squirt my load in her face for a big smile and then a very nice request to excuse herself (permisi pak) so she can shower (mandi). No mention of price, I give her 200,000 another big smile and off she goes. I am exhausted, shower again and fall asleep. Wake up at about 1:30 AM, time to go see what is up at the discos.


As I walk into the main area of town, exit hotel and turn right, I pass the old Marina disco. The Marina is being rebuilt after a riot that burnt it down in January of 2000. Fanatic locals don’t like the nightlife of Senggigi Beach. Continue on to a new disco Blue Coral Music Corner, not a bad place, several girls and live music, no cover charge and price for drinks is ok. spend a few minutes here and everything seems to be taken. Onward to the CR disco. CR is more hard core techn-o-pop and the girls and people here all seem to be hyped up, probably on sabu sabu, some kind of meth or speed. CR has RP15,000 cover charge and the drinks are also expensive, one drink and I on my way. The next place worth trying and still open is the Tropicana disco. The Tropicana is a nice place good restaurant on the first floor and nice disco on the second floor. Tropicana has a dress code but this is only applied to locals, tourists in T-shirts, sandals and shorts are permitted, RP20,000 cover includes a drink. The owner of Tropicana is gay and he likes lady boys, be careful in here you might get a surprise. I sit down next to a good-looking Balinese girl and her friend, boy friend or brother I don’t know. They are happy to talk to me and I am welcome to share the bench seat. The guy takes off and the girl starts talking to me and we try to communicate with her limited english and my limited Bahasa Indonesia. After about 30 mins and her touching my leg I am about ready spring the come on lets go to my room line, but not before her sister and/or friends come and pull her away and insist she sit together with them. Now it is 4:00 AM closing time. As I walk back to my hotel there are still several girls hanging around the hawker stands that line the road. I see one group that looks pretty good, not bad for left overs, one is a lady boy. I say hi and am welcome to stop and talk. One of them looks good and after a few minutes of polite small talk I ask her to my room. She does ask how much, pro, and I say RP200,000 for short time. No problem and back in the room the service is good, bbbj and full service with anal, though she does complain that the anal hurt her and I only get in a few strokes. Finish the deed pay her and she leaves. I then shower and fall asleep for a good rest. I had pictures of both girls but I mistakenly deleted them, not a good computer kind of guy.

Sunday 8-05-01: About noon and I head down to the main beach. Lots of locals come to this beach on Sunday. Nice to see all the families and small children playing in the water, there are intertubes and water toys to rent for the children. Walk along the beach and see two local village girls with their boyfriends sitting in the shade. As I approach they say good afternoon and try to talk to me in English, I stop for a while and visit, fun for them to speak English. After a few minutes the one boy says the girls are chari ung (looking for money). I try to invite them back to my room but then realize the other boy is very offended, apparently his friend was just joking. So nothing doing here, the girls were too young anyway, better to leave and nevermind. Previously I had made contact with a friend here (see the other Hitam Manis posts) she is very happy to hear I am in Lombok and agrees to meet me at 3:00 PM at the restaurant at the front of my hotel. Great restaurant with Chinese, Thai and local dishes. To my surprise she brings her younger sister, two girls 21 and 24 years old, small and cute. The sister I have met before but never got to play with because she was married. Now divorced and ready for fun they both come back to my room.


See Wati’s pictures in the other Hitam Manis posts.
We all immediately strip down; Wati goes to the toilet while Tini starts to suck my dick. Great fun as we go along I am always pushing the girls to touch and finger each other. Having known Wati for a few years I know she likes to ride on top and have her titties sucked hard and bitten by another girl as she bounces herself to a nice orgasm. Wati has always been a great fuck and her sister Tini also turns out to be an extremely hot great fuck as well. This goes on for a couple of hours and I can only shoot two loads. Load three never happens though we are all sweating and exhausted. No mention of money for these girls as they are semi pro friends who I have contributed to on several occasions over the past few years. Off they go and Wati says she will return later and we go out to dinner. To tired to fuck we go to sleep, still jet lagged.

Monday 8-06-01: Wati and I wake in the morning and we get a nice piece before she leaves and has school in the afternoon. She later returns about 6 and we go out for dinner and another round of fucking before we go to sleep. Nice girl lots of fun, spends the night. Fuck, eat, fuck, eat, fuck, eat, and sleep.

Tuesday 8-07-01: Wati has cooked up a plan for me to go to her school and practice speaking English with one of her classes. Off we go in the morning and I didn’t get laid first, bummer. After the class we go to the new, first, shopping mall in Mataram. The mall has a KFC, Mc Donald’s, large department store and a large grocery store. All new to Lombok, before you could only go to markets and had to go to several places to complete the shopping. Anyway we have lunch at the KFC and then back to the hotel for some afternoon fucking. After being interrupted by the housekeeping and then the laundry boy she doesn’t want to finish fucking, I get pissed and ask her to leave. Didn’t really want to get stuck just visiting her the entire time of my holiday anyway. She is a sweetheart and quietly takes off. Later in the afternoon I head to the beach to watch the sun set, Senggigi is on the west coast of Lombok and has great sunsets. On a clear day you can watch the sunset and silhouette behind the mountain on Bali Island just a few miles across the Lombok Straight. While waiting for the sun to set a nice looking girl comes up and starts talking to me, the usual where are you from, where are you staying etc. Her name is Vicca (from Java) and she works as a massage girl in one of the beauty salons in Senggigi Beach area. She does massage for the women tourists who get their haircuts at the salon. Soon Vicca’s friend Cora (from Sulawasi) shows up with her boyfriend. Well Cora and her boyfriend are having a little fight and he soon leaves, leaving me sitting there with two really cute girls. The sun is almost completely set and it is getting dark so I invite both girls back to my room.



I know Vicca does massage so I take off my shirt and ask her for a massage. She is happy to comply, as I play it slow, not sure whom I have brought home to play. After a few minutes I ask if Cora knows massage as she is being very shy and won’t even look at me with my shirt off. Cora doesn’t know how to massage but is encouraged by Vicca to try. I think I like Vicca she is trying to get both girls to work on me, this is a good thing. Cora starts to massage my shoulders as I lay on my back and I try to stroke her back and also I try to get a little tittie squeeze. Cora doesn’t like my squeeze and tries to get off the bed. Again Vicca talks to her and gets her to sit back and continue the massage. I definitely like Vicca now. Cora is trying really hard to get into things. I finally talk her into pinching my nipples and then after several minutes talk her into biting my nipples. I think I am home free at this point as I am also fingering the shit out of Vicca while Cora is biting my nipples. Both girls are still fully clothed and I still have my shorts on, Vicca has baggy shorts for easy access to her pussy. I go for a pussy squeeze on Cora and she jumps off the bed saying something about how she is a bad girl or this is bad. No problem Cora takes off, I invite her to return tomorrow and she says she will but we all know she won’t, sweet girl just not into the three way. Vicca says Cora is at least semi pro and she will try to get her back for me later. Anyway Vicca turns into a really hot full on aggressive sex maniac. Fantastic fuck and gladly takes it up the ass while rubbing her clit. Unfortunately Vicca says no to nude pics, she has great tits and a little tiny ass.

Wednesday 8-08-01: Wati comes back in the morning, she has forgotten her swimsuit and a dress. She talks about not having any school for the day so we go to a late breakfast. After a great traditional meal of Plecing Kankung, Rice, Tempe and Cap Cay we go back to the room. Wati says she is sorry she made me angry and wants to make up. We have a great round of fucking and she lets me do her ass. Usually she didn’t like anal fucking as she is very small and it always hurt her, soar for a couple days after an ass fucking. I am talking about going to Bali for a change of pace so she is very submissive thinking she may not see me again for a long time. Later she returns home after a nice long good by. I start getting organized to leave for Bali Thursday morning but then change my mind again after getting some hotel pricing quotes back from Bali for peak season. Deciding to stay in Lombok for most of my trip due to the costs of staying in Bali and girls in Bali are also more expensive and not as fresh as the girls in Lombok. Now Wednesday evening I go back out to the Internet Café and run into Vicca again. Vicca says she will meet me at my room later, in about one hour. She is kissing me and hugging me in the Internet Café, not normal for an Indo girl, I think she is showing off like I am her bule boyfriend. Anyway she comes to my room as stated and we have another great, though quick, roll in the hay. She also brings Cora with her though Cora won’t come in the room and waits outside. Again I invite Cora to return tomorrow but still no luck with her. Now about 8:00 PM I shower and turn on CNN, next thing I wake up it is Thursday morning and CNN is still on, slept for about 12 hours, getting old I guess. Anyway who cares I am on holiday.

Thursday 8-09-01: This morning I let a couple of tour guys take me on a tour. No girls just a nice drive in the country to see some rice patties and take some scenic pictures. We eventually make it to a place called Tete Batu. About half way up the side of Mount Rinjani. Lots of terraced rice patties, though the rice patties have tobacco or soy beans because it is dry season and not enough water for the rice, maybe next month or in October. Tete Batu is a very nice place with several cheap rooms, no phones, no TV’s etc. Nothing to do there but relax and hike around the fields and rice patties. No girls also you must bring your own if you stay there. This would be a great place for a jungle shag. Good restaurant, beautiful vistas and very quiet. Back to Senggigi for the tourists trap rat race and noise. I take a shower and get ready to go out for dinner. I hit Senggigi main street at about 7:00 PM, short 5 minute walk from my hotel. There are a lot of people though it is the family crowd, couples and children tourists having dinner and a traditional Lombok puppet show etc. Too early for girl chasing. I eat dinner slowly and hang around the Internet Cafes for a while. Walk up and down the main street, nothing going on. I eventually decide to sit down next to a few local guys hanging out at one of the hawker stands across from the Blue Coral Music Corner disco. This is where I want to start my night anyway so I decide to wait here for girls and see what shows up first. About 8:30 three ladies show up, definitely pro and definitely worn out, very scary. They are friendly though and we all talk for a while until more people show up. Things don’t start to happen until about 10:00 PM of course. One of the guys was sitting on the bench looks like an Indo Bob Marely. He asks me if I am looking for a girl, I say I am and I like cantik kacil (pretty and small) girls. I also say I like them Tujublas or Dilapanblas (17 or 18). He says he knows one and he can bring her to my room though she does not come to the disco etc. Ok no problem we set a time, about 15 minutes, and I return to my hotel. They show up at my room and she is very pretty and 18 years old, Ita is a local Sasak girl, Hitam Manis!


This is great just what I like. He leaves and no mention of money, the girl will meet him later for his commission, standard operating procedure. We proceed to get naked and she has a nice body little firm titties. She gives good service and good bbbj. She does refuse anal though I do finger her ass pretty good with one finger. Ita stays until around 1:00 AM, I give her the normal RP200,000 and she is very happy. Again I shower and fell a sleep watching CNN, awake Friday morning and the TV is still on.


Friday 8-10-01: Camera in hand I have a nice breakfast and head off to see some more old friends. I go to an old favorite short time hotel called Graha Ayu in Mataram, do not confuse the names there are several Graha something hotels in Lombok and you don’t want to get the wrong one. Two of my old friends are there they immediately start looking for girls. These guys are great they each have their own set of contacts, mostly freelancers who know the hotel is good for men to come and look for girls, mostly local men and some of the girls will refuse bule (foreigner). Between the two of them they can keep girls lined up for you all day or as long as you can hang. These guys line me up with four girls. The first one is a beautiful 18 year old, thin and great hard body. She refuses me saying I am too big, she is afraid I have a big dick, though I am actually quite normal not large. The second one is named Rini she has a pretty face but a fat tummy, probably had a baby or two. Rini is constantly renegotiating the deal and I really hate this after about 15 minutes she gets the boot. She wants one hour for RP200,000 and then she tells me bj is another RP50,000, no way this out of line for Lombok, bullshit.


The third girl is named Angel. She has pretty nice body and is also young and thin. Her service is ok but definitely not great. I get my nut then she dresses and wants to leave I tell her no she is here for two hours. She puts on a towel and lies down, unfortunately I fell a sleep and then it was time for her to go anyway. Oh well service on the first round was not great so probably better this way.


Number four for the day was really cute with her little kitty T-shirt, her name is Indiri. Nice body and great service, very passive and sweet. She really enjoys kissing and is a good GFE girl. After we were finished she left the room before I did but then I caught up to her as she was giving the man his commission. As we all stand there talking she slides her hand in mine and we hold hands while talking, very sweet, what a cutie.


Friday 8-10-01 (Continued):

Later in the evening I go out to the discos. Tonight I pass the CR disco and head for the Blue Coral disco. I walk along the road stopping and talking to the girls hanging around the roadside hawker stands. One girl stands up and asks me if I want a massage. I sit down and talk to her for awhile negotiating price and services. Her name is Sali and after about 15 minutes we head back to my room.


Sali seems pretty open quickly undresses and lies on the bed. I join her and we start touching and kissing a little, not much is happening. She says to me she wants to sleep, of course I refuse saying we will have sex and later she can go home and sleep in her house, she will not be allowed to stay in my room and sleep. She protests and lays down snuggling into me saying she wants to sleep. I firmly tell her to leave so she dresses and I have to help her to the door. Now it is still early so I head back to Blue Coral this time I go straight to the disco. Sit at the bar and have a coke. As I look around there are several girls and a couple of lady boys. The girls are mostly dancing with each other and several of them make eye contact with me. Eventually I see a cute little girl who seems familiar to me. I gesture for her to come over and she says hi to me using my name. As we talk I realize she is a girl who I have fucked several times while I lived here a couple years ago, she was one of the Graha Ayu girls back then. Her name is Wulan and she is very friendly and off we go back to my room, no mention of money or services to be rendered.


Wulan is very small, less than 5ft and probably less than 40 kilos, tinny girl. Local joke for girls with a small body and large breast is that they are like the papaya tree, small tree with big fruit. She is now about 21 years old and comes to the Senggigi disco from time to time to look for extra money, usually she is in Mataram and does business with the local men. As we get busy she immediately gives me a nice bbbj and then we roll around with few different positions finishing in doggy style. She has a very small ass and doggy style is especially nice. I give her the usual RP200,000, she is happy and gives me her phone number so I can call her later if I want to. Nice girl, very sweet.

Saturday 8-11-01: This morning my friend Wati calls me and she comes out to Senggigi for breakfast and then later we go snorkeling for a few hours. After snorkeling we return to my room for a nice afternoon fuck, the usual Wati aggressive bbbj then her on top rocking and bouncing herself to a nice orgasm or two, again no mention of money. She is a lot of fun and will keep me coming back to Lombok, just to see her if nothing else. Wati refuses more pictures so we will have to refer back to the other Hitam Manis post. Now late afternoon I take a shower and lay down to sleep for awhile. I wake up about 7:00 PM but am not motivated to go out I roll over and continue to sleep, waking a couple of times to turn off the TV and the lights. I sleep for about 14 hours and totally miss out on the best opportunity for pussy in Senggigi. Saturday night is the best time to go to the disco. The discos stay open later until 4:00 AM on Saturday night and many local girls come down to Senggigi. These local girls might normally stay away from the area due to its reputation and the bule men. I failed to plan and pace myself for Saturday night, damn I am getting old.

Sunday 8-12-01: After breakfast I go for a walk along the beach. Sunday is a good day for many local families come to the beach. As soon I head down the beach there is a group two guys and two very cute girls. One of the girls tries to speak english to me so I stop and talk for a while. I eventually get around to my usual question Chari Ung (looking for money); many times the boys will tell you the girl is chari ung. She says she is looking for money and I say she must come to my room, she follows me up the beach and back onto the main road. At this point she becomes nervous, many people can see her with a bule, and she stops, makes an excuse to go back and talk to her friends. Of course she never returns and I see her a few minutes later on a bimo (small bus) headed back out of Senggigi towards Mataram. I return to the beach walking to the end and back this time I meet one girl who is from a small village north of Senggigi, about 7 km, she is very beautiful and I make eyes at her. She is very shy (malu) and giggles etc. The boys she is with speak pretty good english and we all sit and talk for almost an hour. She is sitting next to me and we are making jokes and talking with a little touchy tickle games. I am tired of the little girl games and ask her to come to my room, she giggles, I ask her again and eventually she makes some excuse to go back to another area to talk to her friend or something. Nothing happening here. Many of these girls can be had, I guess I don’t have the patience for the little girl games. I head back down the beach toward my hotel and run into two girls who are sitting on the beach wall. One of them has on the headscarf and traditional Muslim clothing; the other is dressed normally with some cute little knickers jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt. They smile and we talk for few minutes. I get right to the point and they are not interested so off I go. Having spent about three hours on the beach I am tired and ready for a massage. Back at my hotel I ask the bellman if he has a friend for massage and of course he does. In about 20 minutes a cute little girl is at my door her name is Heni.


Heni is from East Java short hair and nice little body. She is 18 years old with one daughter. Heni gives good service, good bbbj, but is not into anal, no problem cute little pussy so I drive her hard two times. No mention of price or time limit, she stays a couple of hours and I give her RP200,000. She tucks the money away not counting it, big smile and nice good bye hug. The first time I ask her where she was from she said she was from Sari Ayu. Sari Ayu is actually a massage (pijat) parlor on Jl. Raya. Jl. Raya is the main road through Senggigi and runs back to Mataram. Apparently the owner of Sari Ayu has set himself up with several girls and runs them into Senggigi for the tourists. I think the massage girl I had a week ago when I first arrived was from the same place. No problems if all else fails just ask the bellman or roomboy of the hotel they will know someone. Also as I walked the beach today I talked to several boys, who said they some girl and would bring them to my room later, I think I spoke to at least four boys and or groups of boys. As of late Sunday only one boy brought a girl, he went to some small village and brought her back. She was very small and young, she said she was 19 though she looked younger. I never caught her name she didn’t stay long enough was afraid to go into a hotel of a large bule. As previously mentioned these boys on the beach will promise you the moon but seldom do they deliver usually a total waste of time. Do not give these guys money up front. They will have stories about needing a motor bike and needing to eat as the go on some long journey to find you a girl. I don’t believe the crap and refuse to pay for anything up front, as the result is always less then expected or nonexistent.

Monday 8-13-01: About 10:00 AM I am packing my bag and getting ready to move to Bali and spend a week there. See my report for Bali 2001 Trip Report. A knock at the door and it is another of the boys I spoke with on Sunday. He says he has brought a girl for me and will return shortly, he must escort her into the hotel. I agree and delay my departure, what the hell knock of a quick piece before I leave. Check out for the hotel is 12:00 PM. I wait as long as I can and the boy does not return, off I go to the airport. I see the boy in the street and he is pacing back and forth in front of the hotel apparently is connection has failed him, common story in Indo. I go to the airport without a reservation. There are several flights a day from Lombok to Bali. I am not worried and I get my ticket for the 1:30 flight. See my Bali 2001 Trip Report for continuation.

Note: On Lombok all the Internet Cafes only have 48 bit cipher strength security. If you need to some on line banking or something secure do it before you get to Lombok. I don't know why they won't download the upgrade from Microsoft, it is free.

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